Will Council Sell Out Anything For $ervu$ Place?

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hi Don,

I read the article in the Gazette last week about that councilor who said to take the money from moving the power lines at Big Lake and putting it towards our mess that we have going on.

Then I read that there wasn’t any money put aside for the power lines but the damage in that statement has already been done.

It seems that council will sell out any other interests in our city for Servus Place.

Sure it’s a small group of us that care about Big Lake and the environmental impact the lines are having, but is the group who want and actually support Servus any bigger??

I can’t help but feel that the finger is being flipped to anyone else with interests other than that Titanic.

One of the councilors stopped by the store to discuss Servus and I asked if ours was doing any worse than other city’s rec. centres.

He replied that all but one rec. centre (in Calgary in a rich area) loses money. Gee, do you think the voters knew that? Maybe more would have shown up to vote then.

Seems like we, the tax payers are the only ones surprised but the huge hole that keeps getting bigger.

I did a little research yesterday and compared other cities with similar population as us. Not one of the ones I researched even have a rec. centre. They all have rinks, parks, pools, etc. but no rec. centre. And these are all cities that aren’t butted up against a large city with numerous rec. centres like we are. They are free standing cities in the sticks.

The city really shouldn’t be that surprised by the lack of participation in Servus Place. All they needed to do was ask any small retailer how much support St. Albert gives to St. Albert. I’ll bet their percentage matches the percentage that shop here too.

It’s here and it’s not going to go away. I guess I better go buy a membership then. I’d rather that than more tax increases.

Barb Freysteinson St. Albert


Barb, buying a membership is admitting defeat. It will be a frosty Friday in Hell before I ever buy one. It angers me just to think about that black hole sitting there that we continue to be forced to dump money into.

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