Elke Blodgett (Canadian) Born: 1936 Leipzig, Germany
12 Grantham Place Waldorfschule Abitur
St. Albert, Alberta T8N 0W8 B.A. Liberal Arts
(403) 438-3445 or (403) 727-2395 University of Minnesota
1989 Study tour of Greek, Cretan, and French ceramists; Pierre Bayle, Camille Virot, Claude Champy.
1988 Study tour of German and French ceramists.
1986 Banff Centre: 12-week summer session; Rudy Autio, Gerda Gruber, among others.
1985 Banff Centre: Sculptural Vessel; Steve Heinemann, Graham Marks.
1982 Alberta delegate to first Canadian Crafts Conference.
1978 Banff Centre: Japanese Folk Pottery; T. Shimoaka.
1977 Banff Centre: Sculptural Ceramics; Ruth Duckworth.
Banff Centre: Japanese Tradition; John Chalke.
1976 Banff Centre: Kiln Building; John Chalke.
Assistant to Mary Borgstrom; Primitive Pottery, Kiln Building.
1975 Working with Mary Borgstrom.
1974 Banff Centre: Ceramics for the Classroom Teacher; Bertha Martin.
note: Self-taught in ceramics; attended clay-related workshops and seminars.
Teaching courses and workshops in hand-building, raku, wood kiln construction, and primitive firing.
Represented in private and corporate collections in Canada, USA, France, England, and Germany, including the Banff Centre Permanent Collection, Alberta Foundation for the Arts (Edmonton), Esso Resources (Calgary), Consulate General of Japan (Edmonton), and Canada Council Art Bank (Ottawa), City of Edmonton, City of St Albert, Alberta Potters’ Association.
2001 Dreamscapes and Steppingstones, Art Beat Gallery, St. Albert
2000 Intuition, Profiles Gallery, St. Albert
1994 Earth Born, Sky Bound, Profiles Gallery, St. Albert.
1993 Galerie Woltjen, Edmonton
1992 archae images and druids, St. Albert
1986 Transitions, Oppertshauser House, Stony Plain
1981 Raku, Multicultural Centre, Stony Plain
Windstones, Peter Whyte Gallery, Banff
1978 Raku, Multicultural Centre, Stony Plain
1977 Raku, Multicultural Centre, Stony Plain
Raku, Canadiana Galleries, Edmonton
Clay ’77, St. Albert Arts and Crafts Centre, St. Albert
1976 Raku, Multicultural Centre, Stony Plain
2001 Sweet 16, Profiles Gallery, St. Albert
Connected Voices, celebrating women in the community, St. Albert Museum
1998 Alberta Art Foundation 25th Anniversary Exhibition, Edmonton
1997 Edmonton Art Gallery
1995 TRIBUTE: 15 Years of Alberta Craft, McMullen Gallery, Edmonton
1994 Alberta Potters’ Association Permanent Collection, Faculty of Extension, University of Alberta, Edmonton
Alberta Clay, from the collection of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, University of Alberta, Edmonton.
Profiles Gallery Exhibition (Invitational), St. Albert
Fire Works ’94, Galerie Woltjen, Edmonton
1988 Going for Gold, Calgary Winter Olympics National Clay Exhibition
1987 Gallery on Whyte, Edmonton
Vik Gallery, Edmonton
1986 Focus on Alberta Art, Gallery on Whyte, Edmonton
With Introspection …, Walter Phillips Gallery, Banff
Studio Ceramics in Alberta III, 1964-1986 (Alberta Clay Comes of Age), travelling exhibition (Edmonton, Calgary, and other Alberta cities)
1984 Reflections on Three Plains, Winnipeg Art Gallery, Winnipeg
Elements of Earth, Alberta Potters Association, Peter Whyte Gallery, Banff
Western Viewpoints, St. Albert.
1983 Raku, with Walter Dexter, Bearclaw Gallery, Edmonton
Choices, Alberta Art Foundation 10th Anniversary Exhibition, Provincial Museum, Edmonton
In Celebration, Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Multicultural Centre, Stony Plain
1982 Clay and Glass at the Muttart, Edmonton
Various Vessels, Front Gallery, Edmonton
1980 Showcase ’80, Provincial Juried Travelling Exhibition, Alberta
75th Anniversary Exhibition, St. Albert
1979 APA Alberta Summer Games, St. Albert
1978 Alberta Art Foundation Commonwealth Games Exhibition, Edmonton
1976 Alberta Mud, Alberta Potters Association Exhibition, Edmonton
Canadian National Ceramics Exhibition, Glenbow Museum, Calgary
2016 St. Albert Lifetime Achievement Award
1994 Alberta Culture Visual Arts Project Grant
1993 Canada Council Art Bank Purchase Award, Evening Rising (made: 1978), Ottawa
1993 Canada Council Art Bank Purchase Award, Evening Rising (made: 1978), Ottawa
1992 Alberta Foundation for the Arts Purchase Award, Staele for Druids (made: 1992), Edmonton
1990 Canada Council Art Bank Purchase Award, Chinese Pot (made: 1978), Ottawa
Alberta Foundation for the Arts Purchase Award, Palingenesis (made:1986), Edmonton
1989 Canada Council Art Bank Purchase Award, Large Egg Pot (made: ?), Ottawa
1988 Alberta Culture Travel Grant
1986 Banff Centre Scholarship
City of St. Albert Scholarship
1984 Banff Centre Scholarship
First Prize in Reflections on Three Plains Ceramics Exhibition (Winnipeg)
1982 Alberta Potters Association Grant
Alberta Culture Travel Grant
1980 Honourable Mention in Showcase ’80 Juried Travelling Exhibition (Alberta)
Alberta Culture Research Grant
1979 City of St. Albert Purchase Award, Solveig (made: 1978), St. Albert
1978 Banff Centre Scholarship
1977 Banff Centre Scholarship
Alberta Foundation for the Arts Purchase Award
Banff Centre Purchase Award, Stoneware Pot (made: 1976), Banff
1976 Town of St. Albert Scholarship to Banff School of Fine Arts
First Prize Award in Raku, Multicultural Centre, Stony Plain
1975 First Prize in Raku, Primitive Pottery and Wheelwork, Stony Plain
1974 St. Albert Arts and Crafts Guild Scholarship to Banff
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