Dandelion Fritters recipe


Fron Paul Tukey (Safelawn)’s blog::

With the American obsession for killing weeds still alive and well, numerous entrepreneurs have stepped up to offer alternatives to toxic pesticides.  Of course, the ultimate goal is to teach people that weeds are not always the enemy. I still think of my grandmother this time of year. She used to go door to door asking people if she could dig their dandelions to freeze and can for the winter.

This reminded me that my Alberta Plantwatch website has some fine recipes for dandelions! See article.

It includes this one: I’ve made the following  fritter recipe several times: it is my all time favourite. Now I find when I see dandelions in spring, my mouth starts watering!  Do try it.

My Dandelion Fritters recipe

Find the biggest and juiciest plants you can, early in the spring, either before the buds show or including the buds, but preferably before emergence of stems or blossoms. Cut off the roots, trim off the leaves about and inch or two above the roots, so you’ll have just the crowns, including buds if at that stage, all remaining intact. Make sure the crown does not fall apart–trim carefully at the root end. Wash, etc….dry off. Dip into your favourite batter, rather thick (mine is a batter made of whole-wheat flour, an egg, yoghurt/buttermilk, seasoning such as salt, pepper, garlic, turmeric) and fry in olive oil like a pancake, first one side, then the other, one at a time. To make a sinful meal out of the fritters, sprinkle with bacon bits and cheese, quickly melt in the oven, and serve, hot or cold. My entire family lines up and this is our favourite party meal all spring. The crowns also can be frozen and used later in the year in a dandelion pancake or pizza.