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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hi Don,

I’d like to ask the mayor (via your blog) why the power lines haven’t been moved yet to protect the birds?

Money doesn’t seem to be an issue, so what’s the hold up?

Why do we always chase the renewable resources (like money) at the cost of the non renewable resources (like the environment)?

Let’s give the poor birds a 150th birthday present and provide them with a safe place to migrate to.

Barb Freysteinson St. Albert


Hi Don,

Did you ever ask the mayor what council did with the money they were given to use to fix the problem with birds dying because of the power wires on big lake, Lois Hole Park or whatever it is called these days?

Alison Glass St. Albert


Hi Don,

I am not a resident of St. Albert, however, I live in Sturgeon County and am a birder. I have two questions for the Mayor of St. Albert, which I will preface with some thoughts. I hope you will see fit to allow the Mayor to answer them.

The Mayor of St. Albert needs to move ahead as quickly as possible to move power lines within the flight path of waterfowl and shorebirds using Big Lake. The Province, AltaLink and the City of St. Alberta have already agreed on this necessary relocation, and the Province has already given St. Albert one third of the cost of this relocation ($300,000) Big Lake is designated an Important Bird Area and is enjoying national bird watching interest.

Why did this relocation not take place with construction of the Road? and how can the Mayor justify any further delay in completing this relocation?

Barb Collier Sturgeon County


Barb, that is an excellent question regarding the move not taking place during road construction. Perhaps the mayor will answer that specific question, not addressed in his reply below.

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