“Human error” a big mistake

November 1, 2008

I finally have it figured out! I mean the way the city allocates funding for projects.

I could not understand why council rejected to honour the previous council’s commitment to share its part of the expense for the bird killing power line relocation ($350,000) with AltaLink and the province. Seems due to some “human error” the 2007 funding directions were somehow forgotten.

On the other hand, council is quite willing to consider spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on off-leash parks for dogs and their owners. They even are considering extra parking lots for the dog owners. The fencing for one park is said to cost $100,000, the next one $140,000, and two more are on the horizon.

Well, I got it — there are obviously more dog owners who vote than bird watchers and environmentalists. And this council needs every vote they can line up for the next election.

Elke Blodgett, St. Albert

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Elke Blodgett