Council To Reconsider Altalink Power Line Move

Will they or won’t they?
By Don Sinclair

November 17, 2008

No one knows for sure but the stigma of all the bad press they have generated about themselves, all by themselves, might just prod this bunch of dodge ball artists to actually step up to the plate and do something at tonight’s council meeting.

I refer of course to the Altalink power line funding to move the alignment.

Council sidestepped the issue last time around, much to their own embarrassment. Trying to pass the buck, and the expense, backfired.

Have they learned anything folks? Today’s meeting will tell the tale. This time, perhaps they will do the right thing and approve the funding.

Here is the link to the agenda item with all the details.

This carcass of a Great Blue Heron was recently found under the Altalink High Power Line in the wetlands north of the Sturgeon recently, across from the BLESS observation platform. It obviously had recently been killed. Remnants of several other birds were also found. – Reader supplied photo.


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