AltaLink relocation issue postponed again

December 4, 2008

At the December 4, 2008, City Council 2009-2011 Budget debates, it was announced that the AltaLink relocation issue was again postponed, this time to the December 22, 2008, Council Meeting. Council will then decide on whether the item will be put on the “unfunded” list of the capital budget. The item is not expected to have any tax implications.

Withdrawn: Motion #47 “That the funds received or committed by AltaLink and the Provincial Government be returned to the respective organizations or otherwise declined.”
Mayor Crouse, St. Albert Mayor, Saturday November 22, 2008
Reasons not given. The funds were contributions amounting to $750,000 towards relocation of the AltaLink High Power Transmission Line in St. Albert.

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Elke Blodgett