Arts, Crafts and Theatre Safety

A few months after the manganese appeared, I was contacted by an Australian potter, Jane Lanyon. Jane is also a victim of Manganese poisoning and is suffering from Parkinson’s Disease. Because of her long-term exposure to manganese, there is a definite possibility that her illnessis related to the poisoning.

Jane has done considerable research into the effects of manganese and is in touch with specialists all around the world. She has written a compelling article about her experience. Copies of this article may be obtained from Monona Rossol at ACTS. (Arts, Crafts and Theatre Safety) At the moment, Jane is preparing a lecture to present at a major conference on Parkinson’s Disease.

I can not end without expressing my gratitude to Monona Rossol for her practical and emotional support. It was Monona who facilitated the contact between Jane and me, a contact which enables us to share experiences and research to take to our doctors, or to commiserate or laugh together.


Monona’s organization, to my knowledge, is the only provider of free information, worldwide, on all aspects of health hazards related to the arts. She also issues a monthly newsletter and has published several books on Health and Safety. If had had access to her advice a few years earlier, I would not be sitting here writing this right now.

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