In Praise of Big Lake I

In Memoriam

Elke died February 15 2018 at 5:30 p.m. at the Mazankowski Heart Institute in Edmonton. She was surrounded by friends and family in a tearful, poetic, song-filled ceremony of passage. A fierce, angry, loving, creative and generous spirit has left us today and we are diminished by this.

A memorial is planned for Earth Day or thereabouts in St. Albert. When we secure a venue, more information to follow.

I do not know a great many things
I am unsure on familial love, and the matters of blood
I do know that sometimes you were hard on us
I cannot write you a lie
This is neither to admire nor shame you
For I cannot decide whether you death makes me happy or sad
But I am numb
And this is to remember you
For I hate to forget
So, this is for you
Elke Ingrid Blodgett
Who came from Leipzig
A pioneer who finally settled in the prairies of Canada
I cannot say I cried heavily at your death
I cannot write you a lie
But tears- silent tears- slid down my cheeks
At the haunting melody of an honour song
Your name- it means “noble”
And you led a noble and honorable life
So this is for you
And maybe we didn’t always get along
But I do not like to forget
And if at least someone remembers
You cannot fall victim to oblivion
You hold meaning
I guess I lied after all
For I do know that family means something
In one way or another
– Melody Gill

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  1. Hooray Elke! I don’t know if you remember me, but I was the facilitator many years ago for the STAMP group – I’ve since moved to Ottawa (9 years ago) and have been working in Enviro Impact Assessment here. 2 years ago I started my own company and work mainly for First Nation communities – check out my website: Glad you had the Big Lake report on your website – I was looking for examples of work and this was it! Thanks very much. Send me a note when you have some time. Best,

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